Galleria Theme

As you may know Theme Forest offers a free file for download every month to encourage new sign-ups. This month unfortunately took a turn for the cheap, with a HTML +CSS file rather than a proper theme with Galleria.

Galleria is a nice enough looking gallery template for a small portfolio, perhaps a small business page, or personal picture gallery. This otherwise $10 theme has its image gallery pages along with a blog section, about page, etc. It however doesn’t run amazingly well, and the file structure leaves much to be desired.

All of Galleria’s primary problems are of course fixed in… the WordPress theme version, which is not included in the free download, and will cost you $35 dollars to download and use, a price at which you could buy a much more robust theme on Theme Forest.

It’s a shame that they chose to throw away their once a month promotion file with this bare bones template, when October would be a perfect opportunity to put up a cutesy seasonal theme, if they were completely unwilling to give out something that’s actually useful.

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Muse Beta

Muse from Adobe is still in beta, but they’re already claiming the program a runaway success. Muse the web design software made for developers who are artists rather than coders, is already in use by over 260,00 web developers according to Adobe.

This beta version has only been available for 40 days so far and Adobe seems pleased. Skeptics however are still very much concerned about the end result of the code produced by this WYSIWYG to extreme web design program, though they are promising to significantly improve that in the latest release, and hopefully even more by the time this thing gets a pricetag.

Adobe has just released version 3 of the, still free, beta to existing and new users alike, check it out.

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